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Doctor of Economics, Professor

Professor, Department of Economic theory, St. Petersburg State University

Vice-Head of the Laboratory "Economic Performance and the Environment", St. Petersburg State University

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  • Doctor of Economics, St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) State University,  Economic faculty, 1989
  • Candidate of economics, St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) State University, Economic faculty, 1974
  • Specialist Degree  in Economics and Mathematics, St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) State University, Economic faculty, 1971


  • Industrial Economics, Government Policy, Competition
  • Innovation Economics
  • Institutional Economics
  • Green Economics, Sustainable Development and Ecological Management
  • Globalization, Organic Agriculture, and Environmental Security


Papers in Academic Journals

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Books, Monographs and Textbooks

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  • Russian Academia of Natural Sciences, Corresponding Member
  • Member of the Russian Section of the International Society for Ecological Economics
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Vestnik (Series Economics) of the university